Long Sleeve V-neck T-Shirt
Long Sleeve V-neck T-Shirt
Long Sleeve V-neck T-Shirt

Long Sleeve V-neck T-Shirt

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Simple.  Basic.  The perfect everyday long sleeve top.   Our Long Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt is made from Cupro Fabric.  

  Cupro Fabric:

- Reduced waste: being a by-product of cotton, cupro helps find a purpose to fibers that would otherwise be chucked away;

- Biodegradable: cupro is made from 100% plant-based materials, which biodegrade naturally instead of sticking around in landfills for up to a thousand years like synthetic clothes;

- Less dye: thanks to the way it absorbs color, cupro dyes more easily than other fabrics;

- Produced in a closed loop: much like Tencel, the chemical used in its production can then be extracted and recycled many times, whilst the water can also be reused;

-  Easy to wash: no need for dry-cleaning like you would with silk — -garments and, being all-natural, cupro won’t shed any plastic microfibers when washed in machines;

- Cruelty-free: unlike silk, no worms are involved in its production and boiled alive inside their cocoons; silk is actually believed to be one of the worst fabrics for the environment, second only to leather.

- 70% Cupro/Modal

- 30% Polyester